Thursday, August 5, 2010

How To Proof A Real Honey

Currently many artificial honey being produced, this honey mainly contain of honey component but not similar with original honey like glucose, dextrose, molasses, corn syrup, sugar syrup, invert sugar, flour, starch or any other similar product, other than the floral nectar gathered, processed and stored in the comb by honey bees. Natural substances that just can be produced by bee can’t be added in proportional composition, they just added small quantity of pure honey as indicate that that substance also available on their artificial honey. Natural substance that just can be produced by honey have benefit properties to our health but can not be provided in artificial honey.

Standard test of honey vary widely amongst countries and some may not meet the wish of every consumer around the world. Honey quality can not be differ from just look to the bottle label or just looking at the honey color on shop. We all know that a “pure honey” label doesn’t guarantee at all but it just promises that there is a real pure honey inside, with no suggestion of its amount.

Some honey from supermarket don’t carry any ingredient list and this mean that honey is not pure, the price also can not be always a good indication of honey quality. Local honey that sell in supermarket also can not indicate of locally processed and cheap.

Honey from certain sources is especially prone to crystallization, but the right advise to buy a honey in comb is one way to assure ourselves of a product quality. Com honey is sealed in the hive by the bees, therefore consumers can be confident that the honey has not been adulterated with sugar water. To boost honey production usually by some irresponsible beekeepers feed their bees with sugar syrup so that the bees can convert the syrup to “honey”.

Some traditional test by proof that real honey don’t hover by ant but this is not proof anything because on certain condition ant will also like honey. Other test is by using a lighting of cotton bud and dip in honey solution, if the flame can stand its mean that is a real honey. By this test I think just depend on the water concentration of that honey, if very small water contain the flame may continue. But some of my experience that real honey will fermented on the bottle so that when the bottle open will causes alcohol smell but this is also can not proof that on the bottle is a real honey. Fermentation gas can cause flame more bigger if we proof by dipping a lightened cotton bud.

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